Noemi Kosmowski

Noemi was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1955 from a family with four generations of professional artists.

From 1970 through the early eighties, Noemi apprenticed under her famous father assisting him in his studio with a myriad of commissions. Her father, Zdzislaw Lachur, is best known throughout Poland and Europe for his paintings of Polish Jewish Holocaust survivors. In 1984, Noemi moved to Germany with her husband, Kristof, where she refined her art techniques and had several private shows. After a brief stay in New York, Noemi and her family relocated to south Florida. During that time, Noemi developed a style of realism that is truly technically amazing. Whether it be strawberries in a reflective cup or olives in a martini glass, her paintings are so life-like that the viewer can almost taste the flavor of the subject.

In 2007, Noemi and her family moved west to Colorado. The rich landscape of the Roaring Fork Valley provided many opportunities for painting. Noemi continues her work in realism. However, her current approach has broadened to encompass a contemporary and impressionistic style. Local wildlife and mountain landscapes are a prominent focus for her now. Her new passions are images from nature that are large in scale and reflect a vibrant color palate. Strokes of colorful seasons and historic landmarks fill her canvas. Often, you will see a student’s project sits next to Noemi’s artwork. She offers all ages a chance to paint with oil and acrylic in a professional setting. The Art Room studio is located in Glenwood Springs.

Noemi is most notably known for painting up the town. Her adventurous murals stretch far and wide on theatre buildings, homes, bridges, even on street corner electrical boxes.

Private collectors treasure Noemi’s art across the United States, Europe, New Zealand and Australia.